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We are -
 UL Listed * CE Listed * CUL Listed!

Why choose us?

  • Our employees own the business!  If the company is profitable then through our ESOP program our employees benefit as well.  That means it is in our best interest to provide the best possible product and service we can!
  • We are family!  As a small company in a small town, when you choose to do business with us you become part of our family.  Instead of dealing with the large corporation runaround and feeling like another number, you are guaranteed personal dedication from our entire company.  You become one of us and it is our goal to keep you as part of our family.





We are a full service custom industrial control panel building company.  We can assist you from the beginning stages of design all the way through the entire process to the finished product.

Our Service/Engineering department is dedicated to provide you with quality service and virtually 24 hour support.