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Our history...

Located in south central Missouri, West Plains Electric Controls and Automation, Inc. started as a family owned business back in 1980.  Then known as West Plains Electric Motor Service, Inc., the business was initially centered around electric motor repair.  Continually expanding and adjusting, a custom control panel shop was established in the mid 80's as well as a full service, automation, and engineering department.  In 1999 the employees took full ownership of the company and in 2007, we voted to officially change the company name and close down the motor shop.  Our goal in doing this is to better concentrate our efforts on custom control panels as well as full service support, engineering and automation.

About our employees

With a fairly small staff, we are a tight knit organization.  Each employee is a valuable piece of our overall operation.

  • Quality is our #1 objective.  We pride ourselves on the work we do and the service and support we provide.
  • With years of experience and knowledge in what we do, we are well suited to assist your company through the entire process...from engineering and design to custom building to installation to training and support - we can cover all the bases!


We Specialize In -

  • Custom Engineered Products and Electrical Systems
  • Controls and Automation Packages
  • Full Power and Control Trailers
  • Installation, Startup, Training, and Full Service for all of our Panels, Controls, VFDs, Soft Starts, and Automation Packages